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  • World Wide Wireless specializes in both permanent and contract recruitment for the telecom industry and focuses on mobile network.
  • Our telecommunications consultants conduct executing searches, database searches, recruitment advertising and Internet-based recruitment
  • We offer a friendly and professional service to both our clients and candidates
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Benefits for clients:

  • One-to-one service
  • Rapid response (first candidates within 24 hours)
  • Industry knowledge (World Wide Wireless directly employs many telecom professionals)
  • Cost effective solutions (extremely competitive pricing due to our contacts and favorable location)
  • Trusted partner (we understand that our best interest lies in supporting our clients long term)

Benefits for candidates:

  • Optional travel insurance
  • Optional health insurance
  • Retention (once we work successfully with a contractor, we keep him/her working after the contract expires)

What makes us different from other agencies?

  • Using our own experts covering all aspects of technical consultancy, we are able to assist our customers who have very specific requirements.
  • First use our own people to fill a requirement. If this is not possible, we will supply a pre-screened candidate from our database
  • Occasionally the client may want more than just candidates. He/she may want a service. We can provide various high quality, cost effective rollout based services though our project division.
  • As a result we can supply consultants individually or as teams.
  • 24 hour support

Expert support across the full development lifecycle

Worldwide Wireless supplies qualified network experts experienced in fixed and mobile systems to work on all stages of the telecommunications development lifecycle:

  • Site Acquisition Experts
  • Transmission Planners
  • RF/Cell Planners
  • LOS Surveyors
  • Installers & Implementation Engineers
  • BSS Engineers (BSS & BTS)
  • Commissioners
  • Switch Engineers
  • NOC Managers
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Project Managers

To check out our Career Opportunities click here

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