Site Construction Management

World Wide Wireless construction management project managers have extensive expertise in the site construction and management of any type of wireless facility. We can construct your cell sites and switching facilities or we can manage your approved vendors.

World Wide Wireless Site construction management

  • Offers 3 levels of inter-company quality control
  • On-site Supervisor
  • Local build-out Project Management
  • Construction Management from headquarters
  • Is on-site for all critical path construction
  • Manages any necessary local subcontractors
  • Negotiates contracts
  • Manages a Job Cost Budget and Schedule
  • Ensures timely site completion
  • Conducts a final acceptance inspection

We offer a full line of site construction management services including tower erections, footings, co-locations and rooftops.

  • Foundations
  • Electrical
  • Grounding
  • Tower erections
  • Performance testing
  • Removals
  • Water tank/building applications
  • Switching facilities
  • Customized fabrication
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Estimating and job costing
  • Antenna and line services
  • Antenna mount installation
  • Coax and antenna installation
  • Lightening protection system
  • Cable tray and coax support
  • Antenna/path alignment

Site Development Services Include:

  • Greenfield
  • Rooftop
  • Co-location
  • Water Tower
  • Chimneys
  • Billboard
  • All Stealth Applications
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